Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This & that, a contest and an award

Many have noticed I'm taking a mini break from posting on Cucina Panzano. I'm still cooking and trying to take photographs, I just need to focus my time just now that usually goes into blog entries to focus on another passion and livelihood right now, and that's making soap.

It's hard for me to believe how quickly the past year has simply flown by and how busy we all become with real life, while time just slips away. I've been so busy I even missed my own first blog anniversay! Yikes! Thanks to all the well wishers, I was reminded and remembered. What a great community of foodie friendships I've come to know by way of this blog. Thanks so much for all the support, assistance and comments as well as your friendship in this past year.

I started this blog primarily for my family who all enjoy eating as much as I love cooking. As passionate as I am about food--I am equally passionate about making herbal soaps. Make no mistake, I'll still be cooking, just not posting as often as I'd least not for a couple of more weeks. But I'll be around to see what you have all been up to.

While I'm at it here, my friend Karen at Karen Cooks gave me this Honest Scrap award and because I have been so darn busy hadn't seen it until now. Thanks so much! Karen has many interests and enjoys cooking as much as the rest of us and brings to the table some really yummy recipes. She's also repsonsible for me gaining two pounds in this last month after introducing me to Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Her posts always bring a smile to my face. I just love her wicked great sense of humor!
I'm suppose to list 10 honest things about me and pass it along. So here goes:

1. I'm an avid kayaker and walker, barring nor'easters.
2. I love to eat! My faves- Italian, Asian & Seafood. I'll try any food at least once.
3. I love conversationalists and people with a great sense of humor.
4. I'm not much of a TV watcher, but love movies. I adore reading. I'm a rug hooker.
5. I've been a cookbook collector far too long. My great grandmothers was my first.
6. I had an herb farm for twenty years, and supplied local restaurants with fresh herbs daily. So gardening is another passion of mine.
7. I am a natural herbal soapmaker. Last year I made nearly 12K bars - see why I am so busy? And why I go through so much Olive oil Joe! LOL
8. My favorite book is One Hundred Years of Solitude.
9. I'm a retired nurse and still miss my pediatric patients.
10. My family means the world to me and I'm a pretty private person.

Whew! I can't believe I just finished this-- LOL! You're bad Karen :) so now I'll be just as bad and will pass this award on to:

Maryann at Finding La Dolce Vita who was my first visitor to this blog, who has a great sense of 'family' and one fabulous cookin' Mama xoxo Maryann is also co-hosting the 2nd Annual Festa Italiana roundup.. stop by for some absolutely scrumptious recipes.

Chuck at Chef Chucks Cucina who's very passionate about cooking and gardening too! I just love to see what he's cooking up next.

Andy at Andy's Diner who's a single Dad and his menu revolves around his beautiful children and the closeness they share.

I'd pass this on to Joe at Italyville too, but I know he's on his way to Calabria.. I wonder if he needs any help with his luggage?! LOL No doubt he will bring home many foods, memories and share pictures of his travel. Have a super trip Joe!

Please take a minute to visit these blogs and tell them Jady sent you! :)

And now for a fun contest.
If you love animals as much as we do, hop on over to my friends at Maggie Mae's-A Dog's Life, and follow the antics of this fun loving pup and her obsession to catch a squirrel. Or enter their 'You Write the Caption contest'. You'll need a good imagination -- so stop on by and take a peek for a fun way to brighten your day!


Karen said...

I wondered what you were up to... making soap! That's a lot of soap... I bet they all smell heavenly. Thanks for the kind words. I didn't know you were a nurse! My sister is an RN and works in the ER. (I think I told you that already).

Ciao Chow Linda said...

Those soaps look beautiful in their array of colors. Are they scented to match the colors? Is there any place we can buy them by mail?

Anonymous said...

Jady, Your soaps are the best! I can attest to that! So much talent you have, Jady!
How did I know you would pass this award to me? lol Thanks Jady. I'll work on a post after the festa, OK?

YankeeSoaper said...

Ayup Karen, this is my busiest time of the year. :)

Thanks Linda! Our www site is at top of this blog.

Maryann.. you know me too well! lol ;D