Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lamb on a stick

Lamb on a stick aka Shish-ka-bob

This is a dish we make for Memorial Day weekend.. You must be a lamb lover to enjoy this wonderfully stewy dish! You'll need to make this two prior to cooking it.

At your grocer get a leg of lamb.. fresh New Zealand spring lamb and have the butcher bone it for you & cube. Once you get it home..cube it even smaller into 1 inch cubes.

Chop up 5 good sized onions... at least 5 garlic cloves... & a few shallots. In a large bowl add your cubed fresh lamb.. and this mixture. Sprinkle with a bit of pepper.. NO SALT!! Then cover all with vegetable oil.. yes cover all the mixture in oil. Cover tightly and give a good shake. Refrigerate it for two days. Twice a day.. take it out of frig & shake again.

The day you will be serving this.. skewer up the lamb pieces on skewers... alone. On separate skewers put quartered tomatoes... and on yet another skewer put cut up green peppers. Cook all on grill.. slowly cooked. I cook my meat first.. then the peppers.. then the tomatoes lastly.. they cook the fastest. As the meats are cooked.. slide them off the skewer & into a large pot.. do the same with the peppers..& tomatoes.. add all to the pot. Now.. the reserved oil & onions you had the lamb marinating in for two days.. toss also into the pot. Put the pot on the grill.. or cooktop... & slowly cook on lowered heat. It will become a thick stew in no time.

Now for some some rice pilaf:

Simmer 2 pads of butter.. add some Orzo or chopped up spaghetti.. not much.. a handful of Orzo... lightly brown. Once browned.. add 2 cans chicken broth.. & 1 1/2 cups Uncle Bens long grained rice ( NOT minute rice).. bring to rapid boil & then turn down very low & just simmer..covered..til all juices are gone.. don't overcook this rice.. leave a bit of juice in bottom of pan.. it'll absorb lastly & keep the pilaf nice and moist. Sprinkle with a bit of fresh parsley.. Serve rice.. & ladle on Lamb on the stick.. Scrumptious meal!! Serve with Syrian bread.. or some folks can get pita bread & a hearty tossed green salad. Enjoy and Happy Memorial Day!

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