Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gardener's Mint Salsa

For any of you that have abundant vegetable gardens and all those veggies coming in all at once, this is a nice light meal. With our varied seafood selection I make this favorite is over grilled swordfish, or lobster tails, but many tell me they serve this over chicken or pork as well.

1 cucumber
1 yellow summer squash or cousa squash
1 zucchini
1 red pepper
1/2 green pepper
3 garlic cloves
2 shallots
8 sprigs of fresh mint (any mints that grow in your garden)
3 TBLS olive oil
2 TBLS white wine vinegar
2 tsp sugar
2 TBLS butter
cayenne pepper or tobasco sauce and ground cinnamon
4 swordfish steaks
fresh lemon
2 tsp spice brown mustard
3 tsp mayonaise

Peel the cucumber and dice it up.. put these pieces into a small collander & sprinkle with a bit of salt and allow to drain for 15 minutes. Wash, clean and dice up all the other vegetables and tear the mint leaves.

In a large saute pan warm the olive oil and add shallots and garlic and sautee until lightly browned. Now add the peppers and squash, zucchini and drained cucumber pieces and sautee 5 minutes more. Add in the vinegar, sugar, tobasco sauce or cayenne to taste and a few good shakes of ground cinnamon and just a sprinkling of salt if you must. Continue cooking this until the liquids in your pan have evaporated.. 3-5 minutes. Add your chopped mint leaves now & toss all well together. Put into a bowl & set aside.covered.

In the same frying pan melt the butter over medium heat. Sprinkle the swordfish with white pepper, a smidgeon of salt and squeeze of half a fresh lemon. Cook each side until browned and basted with a bit of diijon mustard and mayaonaise mixture. After it's cooked, place your fish on a plate. Take the already pre-cooked veggie salsa and put it into the pan you cooked your fish into.. warm it up quickly absorbing any leftover fish juices in the pan. Spoon the mint medley over your fish with a few fresh mint leaves and serve with a large Caesars's salad. Enjoy!

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Beautiful! I love it!