Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cucina Panzano-A Delicious Passion... Cooking

Welcome everyone! For many months now I've become addicted to lurking on so many delectible food blogs that I decided it was time to begin one of my very own.

Cooking has always been a passionate pleasure for me & my cooking is a combination of many influences...Italian & Irish decent. Every Sunday as a child, following Mass, we went to my Grandmothers.... my Italian grandmothers! And here, in addition to being exposed to many Italian traditions & watching my Nunnie simply put together these fabulous feasts with little effort, it's no wonder I have such a fondness. I learned to cook.. adding "some of this & a little bit of that.".. so writing these up has been a real challenge converting into weighed & measured recipes.

I hope to bring to this table a varied assortment of our family's favorites.. and then some! :+) My children have always been after me to document years & years of prepared meals.. so in part, this blog is for them as well.

I'm no professional chef.. but an avid cookbook collector for more than 25 years, with a current library of well over 750 cookbooks. Old & new.. along with volumes of recipe boxes, with some filled with recipes handed down directly from my Italian relatives

I had the good fortune to spend six weeks in Tuscany a few years ago and visiting many of the Tuscan hilltowns, sampling the specialties of each area but fell in love with one in particuliar.. Panzano in Chianti.. located mid-way between Florence and Sienna, with it's beautiful hill-top location overlooking some of the most marvelous views of rural Tuscany & magnificent vineyards. Tuscan culinary skills have been well preserved by generations of cooks and in the many small, family run restaurants. With land as rich as it is, temperate climate coupled with a region abundant in produce of both soil & sea it's no wonder the classic culinary delights remain in the characteristic cuisine of Tuscany. Saturday mornings is market day in Panzano.. and there you may sample some of the finest, irresistable foods in all of Tuscany, simply prepared with the freshest of ingredients..along with "some of this & a little bit of that" added to the pot!

Panzano Olive Groves

Market Day in Panzano you can find quite the selection of foods

Buon Appetito!

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