Sunday, September 19, 2010

You're the blogger

Saturdays are busy days for me, and this Saturday was no different than most - so I thought.  I was busy setting up my booth, when my girlfriend Marsie popped into my booth at Kennebunk Farmers Market to ask me for my autograph??  I replied. 'Marsie what in heavens are you talking about'?  She laughed and said, she was sitting at her kitchen table having her morning coffee when she opened her newspaper to find an article about three local bloggers.  And as luck would have it, I was one of them! I interviewed so long ago, I had forgotten all about it, and I hadn't been to my PO Box all week to read my own newspaper, as dh is back in the hospital.  So she ran into the local pharmacy nearby just to pick me up a copy to see.  Thanks so very much Marsie xox.

Then market opened up for the day, and as my customers came into the booth -- instead of sniffing all of my soap offerings, instead I just kept hearing, 'You're the blogger!' What a fun way to spend at our newly acquired title, "Maine's Best Farmers Market" yakking about food, veggies and sharing recipes.  It really made my day!
So, anyone who's stopping by due to the YCCS article, howdy and welcome! Happy to have you here :-)


~~louise~~ said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you, Jady. How utterly exciting!!! I took a quick pass over to the article and it is just perfect. Not to little, not to much, just enough to get a soul a wondering.

I LOVE your blog and although I am on a bit of a blogging hiatus at the moment, It sure is comforting to know I can drop by anytime for just about anything!!!

Thanks for sharing...

YankeeSoaper said...

Louise, I'm SO happy to 'see' you! Hope you are enjoying your hiatus --but please know we miss seeing your enlightening posts daily. I was very happy with the article, and being surprised even moreso! LOL Isn't the blogging community just great! Thanks so much.

Karen said...

This is so cool! Very nice write-up. I didn't know you had a soap blog... so now I have another blog to read! LOL And look... there at the end of the article... it says that you read Karen Cooks! Sweet :)

YankeeSoaper said...

"it says that you read Karen Cooks! Sweet :)"
It does indeed Karen :) LOL