Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Finally the trees are budding, and daffodils and tulips are just beginning to open, the goats are kidding, the croakies are happily peeping in our overfilled ponds singing away -- Spring is a beautiful time of the year! Best of all I planted my peas!

Easter Sunday is predicted to be just a gorgeous day. We'll be having roast lamb with all the fixings, with only a few sweets. I'm really trying to stick to my diet :) but we couldn't celebrate the holiday without at least one slice of sweet Easter rice pie--torta di riso. I made just a small one for us this year. Wishing you all a very blessed Easter--Buona Pasqua


~~louise~~ said...

I've got tulips and daffodils but for some reason, the saffron crocus I planted just can't be coaxed. I do believe a varmint ate them!!!

I wasn't happy with the pre-packaged lamb they had at Wegman's. However, I made it my business to find a local butcher and it looks promising. I'm making a small turkey breast for Marion and I with Apple Sausage Stuffing. I haven't decided on a sweet yet but I have a beautiful fresh pineapple sitting on the counter. I'm sure I'll think of something.

Have a heavenly Easter, Jady. We're expecting a gorgeous day too!!!

Karen said...

Happy Easter to you and yours, Jady! said...

Happy Easter Jady!

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Easter to you both!
Maryann xox