Thursday, January 29, 2009

The great Reuben debate..

Okay, I was feeling very lazy yesterday after shoveling all this snow, so decided on just a soup and sandwich supper. I wanted to have the kitchen cleared in time to catch Top Chef! But yes, I was tuckered.

An ongoing back and forth goes on here everytime I make my version of a hot Reuben sandwich. Dear hubby prefers the traditional version, corned beef, swiss, sauerkraut, mustard etc on rye. He prefers ungrilled, myself.. grilled. But I don't care for sauerkraut, nor did I have any rye bread on when he asked 'what's for dinner', I answered.. Rachel's and veggie soup. I always get a rise out of him when I come up with these new sandwich brainstorms!Where I came up with the name Rachel I'm still wondering about! :D

I was really pleased with the results, had an easy cleanup, and got to watch my fave show in time! And.. hubby had two of them, so they couldn't have been too bad. So my question is.. how do you make your reuben sandwiches? Here's my newest version.

I heated some nice lean pastrami, topped with swiss cheese, cole slaw, Russian salad dressing and a dollop of hot mustard. I grilled them in some dark pumperknickle..and a side of a few kosher dill pickles for good measure. I'm calling it a "Rachel'. Yum!


Anonymous said...

Your Rachel is the bomb! I love it. I used to work in a restaurant. Very late hours, but my chef always made me a reuban to take home at the end of the night. He used russian dressing. Grilled with swiss and a little sauerkraut. I loved that man! LOL
Your guy is a very lucky one to enjoy your cooking, Jady :)

Karen said...

Do you know that I have *never* made a Rueben sandwich and I think I've only eaten *one* in my entire life. Why is that, I wonder? Hmmm... Your Rachel looks and sounds delicious with lots of flavor going on. The pumpernickel almost looks like pita bread.